Weekly Newsletter 8/28 – 9/1

First week is in the books, not quite a full week but almost!  We did a lot of writing this week about ourselves and people/moments that are important in our lives.  In reading we spent time building up our stamina and reading for longer periods of time.  We continued to read Wonder and did several reading responses by ourselves and with partners.  In S.S. we spent the week learning about latitude and longitude, the physical features of the U.S., and different geographic terms for water and landforms.  In Math we spent the week learning the order of operations, PEMDAS, and using it to solve multi-step problems.  We also had our Math MAP test and the students are super excited for the Reading MAP test next week!  Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

Student Council

Class elections will be held on Thursday, September 7th to determine who our 2 class representatives will be on Student Council.  Any interested students should prepare a short speech to present to the class on Wednesday telling the class why they would be a good representative for our class.

Welcome to Mr. Hutchins 5th Grade Class

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